Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've managed to lose a week....

I've had one of those weeks. It's been long, it's been short and it's been both insanely productive and filled with nothing. Is this making sense to anyone else? I couldn't even begin to catalogue all the things that have occurred, mainly because it was all rather uneventful or has been lost in a flustered blur.

One thing I can reflect on is my mad mad derby love. We held a fundraiser for the local league over the weekend, a screening of the movie 'the runaways' and it was massively successful - we even scored well on the weather front, with the rain holding out just long enough for the outdoor demo skate! It was great to have so many supporters turn out (even if they were primarily family and friends) and I've already got grand plans for future fundraisers.... Can anyone say Santa in Skates?!

In house related news, everything is progressing nicely - we purchased the kitchen cabinetry last week, but I had to convince dad not to put it in until we've finished painting... It would be a disaster waiting to happen! I don't know how ready it will be for Elli's party next month, but I do know there will be a functional toilet... That's all that matters, right?

We've nixed plans for an outdoors party, with a sighting of a brown snake at the neighbour's today and the weather only getting warmer... Inside for the little kid party is safe methinks!

My thoughts are not coming out in fully formed paragraphs (or even semi-linked word groups) so I think I shall sign off now.


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