Sunday, October 24, 2010

weekend in the city

weekend in the city
weekend in the city by stormy-teacup featuring wire jewelry
I had a rather large description of my set typed up, but my computer crashed (taking the whole set with it!) so I shall provide a more concise write up this time.

For Danimezza's latest 'Polly Dolly' challenge we were asked to create an outfit based around our dream bag. I started a set based around a magnificent clutch with a knuckleduster clasp (it was beautiful to behold) but I started thinking on my bag choices in real life. I am a satchel fan. I love something with a long strap and lots of space to store my junk (separate pockets for different junk is a bonus!) I am definitely a function over form girl when it comes to my 'stuff holder', and I can't condense that stuff down to a clutch to save myself!

With that in mind I picked a ridiculously stylish satchel that I would loooove to add to my collection and based an outfit around that. I really love this whole set and would easily wear it all, it's funky and sassy but totally comfy!

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