Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Healthy Party Food

When it comes to children's party food it seems you either fall into two categories: 'delicious sweets and treats laden with sugar, fat, artificial flavours and colours' or 'yucky healthy snacks that nobody wants to eat'. Is there an in between? Can something appeal to kids AND be nutritionally sound?

I've started on my quest for party foods that tick both boxes - don't get me wrong, there will be good old fashioned lollies and cake on hand, but I am going to try and create a more balanced spread that the kids will enjoy.

So far I have found a few hints and tips online:

I'll definitely be making some of these 'Sushi Sandwiches'
I love that 'Fresh for Kids' has 'funked up' fruit!
  I am not going to be serving 15 different variations of fruit platters for the kids, that's not how I roll. I know processed foods aren't fantastic but I have an 'everything in moderation' philosophy to those sometimes foods... And I think a birthday party is definitely one of those 'sometimes'

Where do you stand on the 'sometimes foods' issue? Do you have any healthy recipes that kids go nuts for?

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