Monday, September 6, 2010

parties excite me

The little lady is fast approaching her 4th year on this planet. This is both amazing and disgusting in equal measure, soon she will start kinder and then it is a steady onwards march to adulthood! Yes, I am being slightly melodramatic, but it has all gone so quickly thus far!

I didn't start this post to lament the speed with which Elliotte is growing, I wanted to share some of my design ideas for her 'royal themed' birthday party! Now I must preface these pictures with an apology to all copyright owners - these aren't mine and I am sorry if I haven't credited you, if they are your pictures please contact me and I will rectify asap.

I adore the colour coordinated sweets!
The perfect place for kids to take a rest.
 It wasn't until I started hunting online for inspiration that I realised just how much planning goes into little kid's birthday parties these days.The attention to detail is amazing, I was in awe and knew I wanted to recreate something special for Elliotte's birthday celebrations. What started as a modest idea has quickly snowballed, only moderated when I started contemplating purchasing a jumping castle! So stay tuned as I try to walk the fine line between 'very special birthday for a very special girl' and 'ridiculous mother goes overboard for her daughter's birthday'!

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