Monday, September 6, 2010

Party Decorations - Cupcake toppers

I've got a 1.25 inch badge maker that I don't use anywhere near as often as I should. With this lovely piece of machinery came a fabulous circular hole punch, which you use to cut out the badge graphic easily.

she's a little cute.
'crowned E'
This isn't a post about how industrious I have been with the badge maker lately, but the graphic punch has been delightfully helpful! I've been using this wonderful tutorial over at button makers (I got my machine from them, they are rad) to create a page full of cupcake topper images. I will be gluing these to toothpicks and standing them up like flags in the cupcakes for the little lady's birthday party.

Here are some I've made with her photo and I have made some using the 'crowned E' motif I created for her invitations.

The party is shaping up quite nicely - we have settled on a purple, red white and gold theme, which is less girly than Elli would like but will suit some of the male guests a little better than her original request of 'pinkpinkpinkpink'!

I have been rather proud of my productivity - with a party date of late November I'm sure to be ready in time with all the decorations and preparations at the rate I am going. My only concern is that the house (we are building currently) may not be finished in time! The party is being held outside so it will go ahead regardless, but it could make for some interesting last minute logistical planning.

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