Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The lowdown on housing.

Now, I said I'd explain my house/storage woes...

I have an amazing family. There is no other way to succinctly describe us (yes, I include myself... I am amazing too!). When I found out I was pregnant with Elliotte (quite young and quite separated from her father) I got nothing but support and love from all of them.What does this have to do with housing? Everything!

My dad offered to build myself and his first born grandbaby a house to rent from him until we decided not to. Ever the handyman, it was going to be his own personal project - he would build that baby a house with his own bare hands! We started drawing up plans and sourcing materials as the due date grew ever closer. I started purchasing furniture and decorating magazines in preparation for our new home..
the creek at the bottom of the property
It turns out banks don't particularly like loaning money to owner/builders and in the struggle to get finance work was delayed. All of my lovely home goods were packed away, the baby was born and the stalling of construction turned into a blessing - I needed to move back home to take care of my siblings while my mother worked away. Dad worked every weekend and day off he could spare to continue momentum where he could, as we had to purchase everything bit by bit with very little help from the bank.

My dad pointing out some wildlife to Elliotte in front of THE house.
We are now approaching the 4th anniversary of when the house should have been built - it has been a struggle, and my respect for my dad's ability to stick at it, battling for FOUR years to finish the house, has increased every weekend he spends there.

My siblings are all but grown up, my daughter is about to turn four in November and the house looks to be finished in time to hold her birthday party there. Such a fitting way to celebrate the end of the build - a party for the reason it was being built in the first place.

Even though it's taken four years longer than expected, I wouldn't change the delays. My daughter got to bond with her uncle and aunties by living with them for the first few years of her life and I am closer to my brother and sisters than ever. My stuff has been in and out of boxes for the last four years but it has been worth it to surround myself with loved ones instead.

Wow... that post really didn't end up being about my craft gear in storage at all!

And just because she's cute - a photo of Elliotte 'helping' me weed, she was disgusted that I would consider anything with flowers a weed!!

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  1. Such a wonderful story J.
    I hope your home is ready soon and Elliotte can have a fabbo royal celebration there.


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