Monday, September 13, 2010

Crafty Happenings

I have been doing a little crafting here, a little crafting there over the last few days - Something made entirely more difficult than it needs to be by 90% of my craft stash being in storage. First I'll fill you in on the craft I've managed to take photos of (with my camera, so sorry about the poor quality) and then I will explain the living out of boxes saga...

So I have been trying to fit in some solid birthday party crafting around my everyday activities - this has included cupcake wrapper flower garlands while watching 'trueblood' (anyone else disappointed with the season 3 finale?!) There is over 20 of these and I shall be making more as I watch more trashy television (I'm thinking I really need to get a copy of the second season of 'Pushing Daisies')
cupcake wrapper flower garland

I also made some cupcake/food flags out of the 'E' circle graphic and more cupcake wrappers.

food flags

cupcake flags

And I've made a start on some party favors - well, these are actually just the party favor box labels, they will have each child's name on them so there is no 'awww but I wanted THAT one' (or at least, there is less..)

I will use much less glue on the next batch, so much excess!
I think I shall explain the house shenanigans in a second post, as it could get long winded...

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