Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Find It' and Christmas preparations

I was going to start this post with a picture, but the FindIt website is down at the moment.

I recently saw a review of this game over at Chasing Cheerios. It looks like the PERFECT travel/waiting game for Elliotte. She would find hours of entertainment hunting for all the different objects (and I'm sure I'd become totally addicted too). I found a great Australian supplier who I shall be ordering a few products from in the lead up to Christmas.

I'm thinking of making a temporary one with a clear plastic bottle, some small figurines and some rice to see if she'd enjoy it before ordering one. I'm trying to get on top of Christmas early this year and have been trying to get/make a gift every few weeks to lighten the load when the festive season rolls around. I have a ridiculously large circle of people to gift, so it's the only way to feasibly afford the holidays.

I'm a danger to my own best laid plans though, as I'm just as likely to give the gift to the recipient before Christmas as a 'just because' gift. I've done that twice this week already with books I purchased for two of my very close friends - I just couldn't wait the couple of months!

Are you getting geared up for the holidays?

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