Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I want to make... 2

Tanya over at Trey and Lucy has created a wonderful tutorial for this ribbon embellished tee - I will be making a few of these and they may just show up as christmas presents, friends... You've been warned!

I've just stumbled on this blog and I love love love this falling leaf mobile tutorial. I am thinking of adapting it to use felt leaves in pinks and purples to hang up in the little lady's room.

I may be on a bit of a nature kick from the look of things - I also want to make this adorable flower wreath that I spied over at a little lovely.

These Lucious Lavender Cupcakes from Beat Until Fluffy look amazing and may just have to make an appearance at Elliotte's birthday party - they are the perfect shade of purple!

The list is much longer than this, but I shall leave it at that for the moment as we are about to embark on an adventure to purchase what will (hopefully) be the last of the party supplies required for Elli's birthday until closer to the day.

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