Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recycled crafts: toilet paper rolls.

Over the last few weeks we had requested friends and family collect their toilet rolls for us and we had amassed quite the collection. I'll admit that Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' was playing continuously in my head as Elli and I covered ourselves in paint got crafting.

We decided to roll with the 'royal' theme (are you sick of hearing about this party yet? Because I'm nowhere near sick of crafting for it!) and create some activities for the kids to do at the actual event.

These little guys are destined to become mini royalty, with customisable faces and fancy garb to boot.

I shall share some photos after the part (which is still over a month away... I fear I may be going a touch overboard on this one.) But in the interim, here are some of the wonderful toot-roll inspired arts and crafts I found while searching for inspiration.

Heavily influenced by these angels by Alisa Burke
Yuken Teruya - aren't these cutouts AMAZING?!
Anastassia Elias - also incredible!
And this 'family portrait' over at Attic 24 is just too cute for words.
I'd love to hear how you've seen 'rubbish' used creatively!

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