Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way (a lot)

Life has a tendency towards disorder over at my house - hectic, hectic disorder. I struggle to say 'no' to requests and quite often end up pulled in 20 different directions attempting to get everything done.

I could change this, but I won't. I like being available to my friends and family whenever they may need me, but I do think it's time to start being more intelligent about it.

The point of this tiny post is to ensure I keep up with the routine of blogging, to tell you I have made some pretty things (I just need to get my camera situation sorted before I can share) and to offer some quick, pretty links of things I'm hoping to try over the next few weeks:

easy peasy snowstorm
How to make a snowstorm - over at CraftStylish
wallpapered dressing table
Wallpapered dressing table - I have the PERFECT roll of wallpaper for this, I picked it up at an op shop for 50c!
lighted paper pennant garland - so so very clever!

Ok, I really must dash... What do you do when times get hectic?

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