Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roller Derby: my other love.

not an entirely accurate depiction of the sport... But it's kinda close.
I've been a busy little bee lately, getting the finishing touches added to the fundraiser we've been organising for our local derby team Dragon City Derby Dolls (DCDD). It's a film screening of the movie 'The Runaways' and I'm super excited about it... I love my team, I love the movie and I love having plans for the weekend - everything is swell!

I haven't done much by way of craft or even interesting blog-worthy life happenings, I've just been running around after all of those little errands that seem to accumulate. After the fundraiser is over I will have a few days of down time, hopefully, in which I can hopefully get the house work under control and a little more packing done in preparation for moving.

I do have a few craft plans on the horizon that I can't wait to share with you, but I'll hold off until the projects are finished, it's much more exciting that way!

How do you cope when things get hectic?

p.s: I'll see you again later today when I pop back in with my latest Polly Dolly challenge by Danimezza.

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