Thursday, October 7, 2010

meet my new favourite cripple...

I'd like for you all to meet someone - she is a new resident in our home and has made herself quite comfortable in the spare room....
This is Chan
Chan had a teeny little accident over the weekend and is now sporting some new bone bling!!
This is Chan's new metal foot accessories
The poor doll is bed ridden for the next few weeks and has a long road to recovery from there - you may hear from her over the next few months as she takes over my blog on occasion to lament her condition. (Or, y'know... share craft activities from the confines of her bed).

It's lovely having her around, even if I have to serve meals on a tray to her bedside. Elliotte is taking full advantage of her limited ability to move, insisting that Chan's bed is the best place for colouring and playing dolls. I'll admit I have been making use of the immobile patient too - you'd be surprised how attentively someone listens when they can't be somewhere else!


  1. Mwahahahah!
    How lovely!
    How do I go about getting my very own cripple?
    She seems to be the accessory du jour!

  2. I'm sure if you hang out at emergency for long enough you could snag yourself one!

  3. Awesome idea!
    But I'm snatching me one with a catheter!


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